Coração emRaiz

by Mariana Root

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This album is devoted to my roots. It is the fruit of their inspiration and extends to a new exploration, expression and feel. It was composed in lusitanian land and in the amazonian jungle in Brazil, and it was recorded while traveling throughout Portugal: Serra da Breijeira, Tavira, Aljezur, Lisboa, Baleal, Porto, Gerês and Serra da Cabreira.


released April 11, 2016

All songs composed by Mariana Root

Mariana Root all vocals; classic guitar (Track 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12); frame drum (T. 9); shamanic drum (T. 2, 4); chimes (T. 12); dundun (T. 12); overtone flute (T. 4); bell (T. 1, 5)


Acácio Barbosa portuguese guitar (T. 2)

Afonso Castanheira doble bass (T. 2, 8, 12)

Iuri Oliveira cabace, udu, shekeré, cymbal, seeds, effects (T. 5)

Eran ‘Fakir’ Glantz ney, silver flute (T. 5)

Junior Papa Juju guitar (T. 6); kenkeni (T. 12); tchekere (T. 5, 12)

Hugo Sousa Otto tablas, seeds (T. 5)

Kabeção Carlos Rodrigues handpan (T. 6, 7)

Carlos Mendonça silver flute (T. 8); bansuri (T. 6, 12)

Márcio Pinto marimba, congas, udu, woodchimes, zazumba, bombo, reco-reco (T. 8)

Zeger Vandenbussche clarinet, doble bass (T. 10)

Joao Paulo cello (T. 10)

Khaled Mohamed Khaled cajon, hi-hat (T. 10)

Maria Root and Ana Root vocals (T. 12)

Composed by Mariana Root • Recorded by Harida Quinteros (Nazca Music Studio); Artur Pispalhas (itinerant studio) • Mixed by Artur Pispalhas • Produced by Mariana Root and Artur Pispalhas • Mastered by Morgan Sizer at Mozu Mastering • Design by Marta Valente



all rights reserved


Mariana Root Portugal

Portuguese root’s and hummingbird wings that love to drink from different fountains where the sound of nature vibrates.

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Track Name: Vim beber da fonte
Vim beber da fonte
Vim tomar-te, oh fonte
Vim beijar-te, oh fonte
Vim lembrar-te, oh fonte


I came to drink from the fountain/source
I came to take you, oh fountain/source
I came to kiss you, oh fountain/source
I came to remind you, oh fountain/source
Track Name: A saia da montanha
A saia da montanha
Veste-se de cheiro bom
É vida já antiga
Uma dança que ensinou

Oh brisa lá do sul
Seiva que circula viva
Foi ela que beijou
Corpo meu já eu despida

Quantas máscaras terei eu de tirar
Quantos espelhos terei de enfrentar
Quantas camadas terei de dissolver
Quantas palavras terei de desconstruir

Meu coração curou
Já é livre nesta vida
A saia da montanha dançou
Veio à luz mulher divina


The Mountain Skirt

The mountain skirt

Dresses in a sweet scent

It is ancient life

A dance that taught

Oh, breeze from the South

Sap/blood which circulates alive

It was it who kissed

this body of mine, naked already

How many masks will I have to take

How many mirrors will I have to face

How many layers will I have to dissolve

How many words will I have to deconstruct

My heart has healed

It is already free in this life

The mountain skirt has danced

A divine woman came to light
Track Name: São árvores
São montes, são horizontes
Enraizadas, são viajantes
São veias do nosso corpo
São trilhas, são armadilhas

São escorregões, são levantadas
São a verdade já germinada
São sombras iluminadas
São arvores de peito nobre

São gerações, são a memoria
São momentos e são historia
São sonhos e são criadas
São contemplação e sao passagem

São esconderijos, são aparições
São sábias, são casas, são antigas
São eixos, são sabedoria
São a curação e são a guia


They are Trees

They are hills, they are horizons

Rooted, they are wanderers

They are veins of our body

They are tracks, they are traps

They are slips, they are uplifts

They are the germinated truth

They are the luminous shadows

They are noble bosom trees

They are generations, they are the memory

They are moments, they are History

They are dreams and they are created

They are contemplation and they are passage

They are hideways, they are spirits

They are wise, they are houses, they are ancient

They are pillars, they are wisdom

They are the healing, they are the guide
Track Name: Adamaya
Paz na Terra (portuguese) § Peace on Earth

Adamaya Shalom (hebrew) § Peace on Earth

Ardi Salem (arabic) § Peace on Earth

Na paz eu vejo bem § In Peace I see clear
Track Name: Abrem-se janelas I

Windows open

Windows open in front of you

Like doorways in your mind

Words are not enough to explain

The writing of your eyes

You feel the heart’s strength

The freedom in your hands

It has brought you to this world, and so you belong

Same trunk, different branches

J'ampiri life blood

Wiracocha the one who creates/the creator

K'anchis light that shines

Runa Simi may it live on

Windows open in front of you

Like fractals in your mind

Listen, it lives within you

Feel, it is sacred geometry

You are aligning with your power

Of son of the Sun and the Planet Being

You have no limits or dimensions

You open the door where there are no illusions

J'ampiri (quechua) § life blood

Wiracocha (quechua) § the one who creates/the creator

K'anchis (quechua) § light

Runa Simi (quechua) § quechua language
Track Name: União


I sing

To the wind

To take you to a certain corner

Of a corner

Of my heart

The most corner

of the corners

I breathe


We are light

We are peace

We are harmony

We are love

We are unity

We are one
Track Name: Canto à mãe e ao pai

Chant to the Mother and the Father

It comes the rain with the wind

Profound gratitude/It clears up my thought

I feel the night in my chest

I hear life and in it I delight

I feel the fire in my center

I feel the voice. I feel the silence.

I see stars in this chant/I see the waves of this chant

I am singing and I am healing

I sing to the Earth, I sing to the Sun

I sing to the Mother who kissed me

I sing to the Earth, I sing to the Sun

I sing to the Father eternal love
Track Name: Lavadeira



Wash my eyes, wash (them)

Wash my senses, wash (them)

Wash the clothes I wear/bring


Wash my pores, wash

Wash my hair, wash

Wash the footprints I have left


Pour your water, wash

Over my head, wash

Wash these feet with which I have walked

Track Name: Oh Grande Espírito

Oh Great Spirit

Oh Great Spirit

who rises from the Sea

Come, Come Wankantanka

Come, in the waves of the Sea

Come, come guide my chant


Oh Great Spirit

who rises from the Earth

Come, come Wankantanka

Come, in the waves of the Earth

Come, come guide my chant


We already realize, Great Spirit

That we are free beings

Whichever decision we will remain happy

Whichever direction we will remain happy

Oh Great Spirit

who rises from within

Come, come Wankantanka

Come, in the waves of the soul

Come, come guide my chant


Wakantanka (lakota) § Great Spirit, Great Mystery